Breakfast & After School Club

Our Breakfast and After-school club offers a drop off and collection service to and from Hintlesham Primary School.
 Children from other Schools are welcome to use our after-school club however, parent/carers will need to arrange transportation to Birch Farm.
Children can be dropped off from 7:30am where breakfast will be provided in Owls (Pre-School room) until 8:15am. The children will then have time to play and relax in an informal manor before heading off to School. 
Image of Birch Farms All weather  Outdoor Play

 On return from school children will join the Owls (Pre-School) children and staff, they are able to  choose the activities they would like to join in with, giving them free choice of the facilities within the room, barn or playground.

Staff can get the children ready for any extra activities they may be taking part in whilst in our care, e.g ballet or swimming. Staff will drop off and collect the children from these on site  activities.  All extra curricular activities must be booked and paid for separately please ask Mini.
The children have tea around 4.15pm unless they are at a club then tea is reserved till they have finished. After tea they are given the opportunity to continue playing and joining in with fun adult led activities until collected by parent/carers. 
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