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Early Years Foundation Stage and Catkins Baby room

The Catkins playrooms are designed to allow a variety of different activities to Babies are encouraged to explore materialsbe undertaken. With specific resources in each learning area to encourage exploration and development.

Catkins follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and more details on this can be found in the Curriculum area of the Site.

Children at this young age learn through playing and doing. In order to support this children have access to a variety of equipment through out the dayRow Row Row your boat depending on their stage of development.

Children enjoy close cuddles for stories, access to a wide selection of equipment as well as daily buggy walks weather permitting, and time in the play barn. Our messy play area allows access to sand, and chalk boards at all times and staff expand on messy play with corn flour glup, paint and other resources allowing children to explore through their senses.

Catkins staff all undertake daily observations of children and use this information to inform their planning for individual children. Staff plan on a wStacking rings and other more complex toys encourage developmenteekly basis to ensure children are developed on their present areas of interest this is further developed through the identification of their schema interests.

Schemas are patterns in children learning, children will have a dominate schema but will also develop skills through other schemas. In identifying children's schemas staff are able to tune into how individual children are learning and tailor activities to help your child / children gain the most from their time in the nursery. For more details on schemas [Click Here]

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