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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

When does the nursery open?

The nursery opens at 7.30am and closes at 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.
It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. It also closes on All bank Holidays. From 4pm Christmas Eve until 1st
working day in January each year The nursery is open for the rest of the year.

If my child attends part time can I book additional sessions?

We will always try to accommodate extra sessions and you should speak to  Nick or Hannah to see if we have
availability Unfortunately due to staff to child ratios and we are limited in the number of children who can be in
attendance at any one time.

Can I ask a staff member to baby-sit for me?

Yes, though it is important to note that if you do, it is an arrangement between you and the staff member. The
nursery does not accept any responsibility or liability for their actions.

What do I do if my child is sick?

If your child is sick and has a communicable illness the nursery is not permitted by Ofsted, our registering
authority, to admit your child into the nursery while they are contagious. We do not have a sick room or any
facility in which we can care for a sick child. For events like this, it is important that you have alternative
arrangements for the care of your child, such as a grandparent or a friend. A copy of our communicatable
disease information sheet is available on our web site.

If I am concerned about my child, can I ring the nursery?

Yes, we welcome telephone calls at anytime from parents.

Who can collect my child from Nursery?

We will accept any nomination from you. However, unless you have notified us in advance using a alternative
collection slip of that person, we will not release your child into their care. This person must also have a

What happens if my child does not settle?

It is unusual for a child not to settle. The excitement of new surroundings and playing with other children
usually helps to settle a child quickly. If we have any concerns about your child settling we will always discuss
them with you. Equally, if you have concerns please discuss them with us. Between us we can usually
overcome any difficulties.

Do I pay fees for when my child is not at nursery?

Yes, fees are payable for 51 weeks of the year. We offer 6 weeks pro rata at 50% holiday rate. Holidays should
be booked 4 weeks in advance.

When and how are fees paid?

Fees are paid one month in advance and should be in our account on the 1st of each month. The nursery. Fees that arrive after this time may incur a late payment charge added to your account.
Birch Farm accepts Childcare Vouchers, Cash, Standing Orders and Debit Cards.

Can I bring food into the nursery for the children?

We are happy for you to bring in fresh fruit for your child's birthday or as a treat. We specify fruit in compliance
with our healthy eating policy and to ensure that no child is discriminated against due to allergies or dietary

Do I need to label my entire child's clothing?

Yes. It is helpful if you can. Although staff will do their best to keep all your child's clothing separate there are
times when it can get mixed up with others. If it is labelled, it enables us to quickly identify it and return to you.
Details can be supplied of a label company should you require these details just ask Sarah or Nick.

We also have a selection of nursery logo clothing we are able to order e.g sweatshirts, polo shirts, and waterproof coats. A list of uniform and sizes available is in each section and in the main office please ask Sarah or Nick.

What happens if I realise I will be late collecting my child?

In an emergency we will hold staff on to look after your child. It is vital that you alert us to your problem ASAP
so that we can make timely arrangements to ensure we remain within ratios. If you are regularly late or fail to
inform us a late charge may be applied to cover the staff costs.

What equipment do I need to provide for my child?

Please ensure your child has a bag with a change of clothes, dummy or other comforter if required and
appropriate clothing for the time of year. In summertime we also request factor 50 sun cream to be kept on site.

If my child has an injury will I be told?

Yes, if your child receives any injury, no matter how minor, you will always be told. All injuries are recorded in
an accident book and will identify the accident, the injury, what treatment was carried out and the staff member
dealing with it. You will be asked to sign that you have seen the entry and that you are content with how the
matter was handled.

If I need to change my child's days at the nursery how do I do that?

It is possible to change your child's attendance pattern provided we have a permanent vacancy on the days you
require. To help us meet your need we ideally ask that a minimum of 4 weeks notice is given of any requested
change. It is important to note that it is not always possible to immediately change days due to staff children ratios. The nursery will always try to help you as quickly as possible.

Do you have policies on Nursery procedures?

Yes parents and carers are most welcome to see them. These are available in hard copy in the office or on our
web site. Parents are encouraged to be involved in developing our policies and new policies are emailed to all
parents for comments to be made. Your input is invaluable to help us provide a quality service.

What can I expect from the nursery?

You can expect the nursery to carry out its duties in a highly professional manner. For your child to be cared
for by staff members who have a love of children and for the care to take place in an environment that is both
stimulating and safe. You can also expect that your child's emotional, physical and development needs will be
catered for in a sensitive and caring manner.

What does the nursery do with my personal Information?

The information is treated as highly confidential and will only be used to assist in the care of your child. It is
vital for your child's wellbeing that your emergency contact details are kept accurate and up to date.

Your registration records are not shared or shown to any other party and when you leave the nursery they will
be destroyed after a two year period. Your child's Learning Journey will contain photos , observations and
regular reports.

If your child attends any other childcare setting including a childminder a regular report is shared with your child's other setting to ensure continuity of care and education.


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