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The Activity Play Barn Term's & Conditions

* Only 5 yrs and Under are allowed within the play barn all year including school holidays except for private hire .

* Parents/ Carers are responsible for their children at all times.

* Please would both adults and children remove shoes before playing.

* To enable us to keep our prices low in the cafe, only food, snacks and drinks prepared in our kitchens may be consumed on site. This includes all snacks fruit /dried fruit and sweets

(except pureed baby food)

* We endeavour to accommodate if your child has a dietary requirement.

* Our cafe offers Hot/ Cold drinks, light lunches/ teas and cakes.

 * Staff are happy to heat baby milk if necessary.

* We are happy to keep a tab behind the cafe, but require either a card or car keys to be left as security.

* Food and drinks may be enjoyed either in the Play barn until 5pm or the cafe up until 7pm but please be aware of unpredictable children when carrying food and drink.

* Please keep all food  and drink within the seating area of the play barn.

* Our staff are here to help and make your visit a  happy one, and feed back is welcomed.

* Please encourage all children to keep toys within fenced off play space


We hope you enjoy your visit

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