Swimming T&C's

 Swimming Term's & Conditions

This terms and conditions apply to all swimming activity's

All doors must remain closed at all times

The fire doors on pool side have tags on them if it is found that these tags have been broken then a fee of £5 will be payable.

No children under the age of 16 to be allowed to swim without adults in the water with them 1 adult for every 4 children under 8 yrs must be in the water.

Pool hire is not for birthday parties, If you wish to use the pool for a party then please book the party package. If it is found that the pool hire is for a party then entrance will be refused and result in any fee's paid will be forfeited.

No Chairs to be taken pool side we have a viewing room for non swimmers please use this to ensure safety.

Please ensure you leave the pool and changing rooms clean and tidy and equipment is put away.

Lifebuoys are for customer safety and should not be used in any other circumstance.

Little ones, swimming if your child is in nappy's then please ensure that swim nappy's only are used as normal nappy's are not suitable. These are available at reception for purchase.

You are welcome to bring your own pool equipment but it must be clean and Birch Farm takes no responsibility for these items.

Should you experience difficulty whilst in the pool an alarm is fitted, pulling this will highlight staff to your difficulty. Should it be necessary to call the emergency services your details will be given from the membership form you provided.

Private Hire of our pool is hired with out a Life Guard on duty.

A Registration form will need to be completed for Private Hire.

Regular bookings paid monthly are based on 48 weeks payment for pool use 3 weeks free of charge and 1 week shut down between Christmas and New Year. This equate to 12 equal monthly payments of £76 for up to 6 people and £110 for up to 10 people.

Regular customers are welcome to ‘gift’ their session to friends while you are away on holiday but please ensure we have your friends details on a completed membership form for health and safety purposes, these can be completed on the day before entering the pool or emailed prior to booking.

If you wish to cancel a regular booking then 4 weeks' notice would be required.

Should there be an emergency on site the fire alarm will be raised please ensure you are aware of your nearest exit and meeting point.

First Aid is available from the front desk in reception.

Management reserve the right to close the pool under health and safety.

Water quality is checked and maintained throughout the day and staff access must be allowed to ensure this can happen.

Please note the pool is not suitable for diving.

Pool is hired for 1 hr as per time arranged; all booked sessions must be paid for in advance, no refunds will be given, occasional swap times may be arranged by agreement with management and is entirely at the discretion of management.

Failure to abide by these terms and conditions may result in termination of your booking. Termination in this manner will result in any fee's paid will be forfeited.
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