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The Early Years Foundation Stage

 Here at Birch Farm we support the children's learning using The Early Years Foundation Stage. The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework has been introduced by the government and replaces Birth to Three Matters, The Foundation Stage and the Day care Standards.

The Framework is a national requirement for all registered childcare settings and supports children from Birth to End of Reception. This means that children are still following the Early Years Foundation Stage when they enter school.

The Framework supports children's learning and development through four key themes. Each theme then has 4 commitments.

The themes are as follows:

  • Learning and Developing
  • Positive relationships
  • A Unique Child
  • An Enabling Environment


Children's specific learning is detailed in the section called Leaning and Development .The EYFS is made up of six areas of Learning and Development. All areas of Learning and Development are connected to one another and are equally important. All areas of Learning and Development are underpinned by the principles of the EYFS.

1.                  Personal, social and emotional development- this relates to developing confidence and independence while learning to concentrate and to enjoy sharing as part of a group.  One goal, for example, is to ‘form good relationships with adults and peers’.

2.                  Communication, language and literacy- which covers communication with adults and children and developing skills in talking, listening, writing and reading.

3.                  Problem solving Reasoning and Numeracy- relates to using ideas about number, quantity, measurement, shape and space.

4.                  Knowledge and understanding of the world -covers investigating and beginning to understand the things, places and people around them.

5.                  Physical development- relates to improving control and co-ordination of their bodies while learning to move and to handle equipment.

6.                  Creative development- which covers finding ways to communicate by using colour, shape, sound, texture, movement and stories and helps children to develop their exploration skills.


This section of the framework supports relationships for children both within the nursery through the section on keypersons but also by ensuring a full partnership between parents/carers and the childcare setting.




This area has been designed to ensure inclusion and safety for all children. It supports child development, health and well being for all children.




This last section as suggests is about the settings environment and has links to planning, observations and the wider community.

For more specific details on The Early Years Foundation Stage [click here]

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