Meet the Chickens

We have 12 chickens on Birch Farm that were rescued from a battery farm. When we got them they were missing feathers and looked really sad. They are here for a good life and we plan to spoil them and look after them into their old age.

The girls spent the first 18 months of their lives indoors and had never seen the light of day until they arrived back at their new home.

It was sad to think that these chickens had never felt the soft grass beneath their feet, had the wind in their hair, or rain on their beaks.

when the chickens arrived it was still pretty chilly, for a bald chicken that can be a bit of a shock to the system. So why not fix that and make them a jumper ! A chicken jumper is a great way to make sure that your chicken stays warm when it ventures outside for the first time. Granny & Aunty got busy with the knitting and produced a few jumpers in next to no time.

Bin bag the chicken in a jumper
A Chicken in a jumper.