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6 Reasons to buy our flowers

Every flower holds its own charm, and there's ample space in the world for each one to shine. However, why should you make the effort to support your local flower farmer and opt for locally grown blooms that flourish in their natural season?

We tread lightly on the planet

Our flowers thrive outdoors, basking in natural light and warmth, carefully selected to suit their unique environment. Freshly harvested from our flower fields, they arrive at your doorstep without the need for chemical preservation. Our growers nurture their soil, fostering biodiversity, supporting pollinators like bees and butterflies, and cultivating a rich ecosystem for all its inhabitants, from soil microbes to invertebrates and beyond.

Reduce flower air miles

British flowers take significantly shorter journeys compared to their imported counterparts. While flowers from the Netherlands are commonly referred to as 'Dutch flowers', many of them actually come from various European countries and are even air-freighted from distant regions like South America, Africa, and Asia. Despite this, approximately 86% of the UK's cut flower market consists of imported blooms.

Character & charm

We don't select our flowers for mass production; instead, we cultivate a diverse array of varieties in smaller quantities. Each bloom contributes its unique charm to our arrangements—some stems may dance with whimsical twists, while tendrils stretch and sprawl. It's this natural character that captivates us and inspires expressions of delight. Our aim is simple: to grow flowers that evoke an enthusiastic "ooooh!" from you.

Buy Local

When you choose to support your local flower grower, you're not only nurturing your community's ecology but also boosting its economy. Locally grown flowers are harvested at their peak, straight into water, bypassing the lengthy journey through commercial channels. This means they arrive nearly as fresh as if you plucked them from your own garden, all without the need for excessive plastic wrapping.

Bring the outdoors in

Crafted from the finest cut flowers, our bouquets, bunches, and buckets infuse every vase with the essence of a vibrant garden. Revel in the close embrace of each season's bounty, and be sure to indulge in the captivating fragrances, textures and colours that locally grown flowers can bring.

Because you're a flower lover!

If you love flowers, then our flowers will enchant you. These are flowers that gracefully lounge in a vase, exuding both captivating beauty and intoxicating fragrance—rarities often elusive in the commercial market. These are flowers that tell stories, each bunch crafted especially for you.

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