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Sustainable Manchester Grown Flowers - Spring Tulips and Narcissi

Updated: Mar 12


Celebrating the best of Spring flowers

Spring is one of our favourite time of year, it heralds the start of longer days and warm weather and also the start of our flowers season.

The first real crop of flowers to bloom are the narcissi, scented and beautiful, they are a welcome sight after the long winter months. Here at Birch Farm we grow a variety of scented, speciality narcissi, quite unlike anthing you will find in a supermarket, these beautiful flowers come in an array of shapes and colours, from the simple Narcissus 'Pheasant's Eye' to the blousy Narcissus 'Fragrant Spring' all of them have the most exquisite scent.

If you are planning a Spring wedding, our speciality narcissi make the perfect wedding flowers.

We plant our bulbs out into our beds during the Autumn, usually during October, as by that time the flower season has slowed a little so we can pause and towards the following year's Spring flowers. Some of our favourite varieties that we will be growing for 2024 are Fragrant Spring, Art Perfume, Pheasant's Eye, Replete, Lady Madonna, Obdam, Thalia and Bridal Crown.

Top Tips for planting Narcissi

  • Buy good quality bulbs, choose the largest bulbs you can and look for signs of mould.

  • Plant out, either in pots or into garden beds and borders

  • If you are buying different varieties take note of the height and plant the tallest at the back of your borders and the shortest at the front.

  • Plant out in Autumn, Sept to Oct is ideal, this gives the bulbs chance for their roots to develop whilst the soil is still warm.

  • Plant bulbs pointy end up and 10-15cm deep

  • Narcissi look best grown in groups so you can plant your bulbs quite closely together 4 to 5cm apart.

We also grow lots of speciality tulips in a wide range of colours and shapes, like the narcissi, our tulips are beautiful and quite unlike and supermarket varieties, in fact tulips might just be our favourite flowers.

From the peony like flowers of Tulip Brownie to the sherbet pink frills of Tulip Eyelash, there really is a tulip for every occasion.

For Spring weddings, tulips make the perfect choice of flower.

All our flowers are grown in a sustainable way, without the use of peat, plastic and pesticides on our micro flower farm on the outskirts of Manchester. We supply beautiful gift bouquets and buckets of flowers throughout the growing season. If you are looking for eco friendly flowers for any occasion, including Mothers Day flowers, Valentines Day flowers then drop us an email to see how we can help.

You can also shop our flowers on line here.


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