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Willow Weaving Wreaths at Birch Farm with David

In late 2023, David embarked on a journey into the art of willow weaving, initially driven by the desire to create some quality sustainable bases for our Christmas and dried flower wreaths.

As he delved deeper into this craft, he found himself captivated by the mindfulness of the process, leading him to explore weaving smaller objects for our garden and the local bird population. Several of these creations have made their debut on our website, providing a window into his expanding collection and presenting an opportunity for you to welcome birds into your own garden.

Willow crafting, steeped in tradition, spans centuries and cultures, serving diverse crafting needs from baskets to furniture. Its versatility makes it a cornerstone in floristry, offering an eco-friendly alternative to plastics and metals.

Beyond its practicality, Willow's flexibility and resilience render it ideal for intricate designs, ensuring its enduring popularity in contemporary crafting circles worldwide. Moreover, its sustainability aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious products, ensuring its relevance in a modern, environmentally conscious world.

Willow-made bird feeders offer a unique blend of natural beauty, functionality, and eco-friendliness, which contributes to their appeal among bird enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The willow we employ for our wreath bases is carefully sourced from sustainable UK suppliers, with plans to cultivate our own patch of 50 plants planted in February 2024. This endeavour reflects our commitment to sustainability, envisioning a future where we can produce wreaths entirely from our own harvest.

Diverse varieties of willow thrive in the UK, with Flanders Red, Black Maul, and French Brown among those we've explored for our projects. Each variety brings its unique qualities to the crafting process, with most proving ideal for wreath-making due to their pliability and strength.

Our signature florist willow hoops, measuring around 30cm in diameter, are meticulously crafted using approximately eight willow rods, each extending about 5 feet. The resulting hoops boast a neat, fluid weave, providing a perfect foundation for wreaths or a canvas for various crafting endeavours. Local artisans have embraced these handmade hoops, incorporating them into dreamcatchers, mobiles, and other decorative pieces, showcasing the versatility of this humble material.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our wreath bases embody sustainability, embodying the ethos of locally sourced and handcrafted products. As we continue to refine our craft, visitors to Birchfarm can expect an array of unique offerings, from bird feeders to floral hoops, all bearing the mark of David's evolving skills and our commitment to eco-friendly craftsmanship.

A willow garden obelisk serves as both a practical support structure for plants and a decorative element that adds beauty and interest to outdoor spaces, making it a versatile and popular feature in gardens of all sizes.

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