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Handmade Round Willow Wreath Base - Woven UK Grown 30cm/12 Inch Diameter

Handmade Round Willow Wreath Base - Woven UK Grown 30cm/12 Inch Diameter

Welcome to Birch Farm, where we pride ourselves on crafting handmade willow wreath bases using sustainably grown willow sourced from the UK. Each of our willow hoops is meticulously crafted by David, using a variety of freshly harvested willows from our trusted supplier in Somerset.


In January, we utilised sustainably grown Flanders Red Green Willow and Black Maul Green Willow (though the latter is dark green, not black!) for our wreath bases. These varieties are ideal for crafting wreaths and are available individually or in bundles of 10,20 and 50.


Our hoops measure approximately 30cm in diameter and are typically constructed using around 8 willow rods, each about 5 feet long, woven together to form a neatly twisted hoop. While there may be slight variations in size due to the natural materials, each hoop maintains a neat, fluid twisted weave, perfect for wreath bases or for use in a variety of crafting and art projects.


Local artisans have utilised our handmade Willow Hoops as the bases for dreamcatchers, mobiles, and other decorative items. They've also found use in embroidery and cross-stitching, where fabric is stretched over the hoop to provide a taut surface for stitching, aligning with traditional crafting techniques.


These wreath bases are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly, as they're made from willow planted, grown, and harvested sustainably in the UK. Willow is known for its flexibility, strength, longevity, and weather resistance, making it an excellent choice for organic wreath bases.

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